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Wet Paint Anagrams



Adam Sacks took it upon himself to figure out how many anagrams he could make out of the “WET PAINT” signs in the NYC subway system. Above are two of our favorites. Check out more on his site.

Seeing Sound Waves

When Garth Brooks performed “Shout!” an inauguration party earlier this year, you can literally see the sound traveling through the crowd as the audience throws their arms up when they here the word “shout.” This isn’t a prank, but I thought it was a super cool video, and maybe someone can think of a way to use this in a prank?

via John Hunnington

Umbrella Bloom


Wishing spring was here already…

Created by artist Sam Spenser. Photo by Jessica Rolland.

via Inspire Me, Now!

Sand Dancer

Peter Donnelly has been creating elaborate works of art on New Zealand beaches for over 10 years. The above video shows clips from a documentary about his work, Sand Dancer. Here’s a CBS story on Peter:

(thanks Andries)

UCB Thunderball Today Show Prank

In January of 1997, Upright Citizens Brigade member Ian Roberts managed to get himself on The Today Show as his character Steve Youngblood. The UCB had recently relocated to New York from Chicago, and this is one of several hoaxes they pulled on an unsuspecting Al Roker. Roberts is referencing Thunderball, a fictional sport created by the UCB which would appear on their Comedy Central television show a few years later.

The Rules of Thunderball

People are Strange

From the Urban Prankster group in Portugal, TodosaMarar:

Arecent mission in Lisbon was called “People are Strange”. A group of 7 agents was disguised as several characters and went to a shopping center for a walk. The reactions were amazing, especially from the kids and his parents, and from the shop employees.

After 30 minutes we get expelled from the center by the shopping security, a group of more of ten! We left calmly.

My guess is that they were inspired by this great Remi Galliard prank.

God Hates Signs


A very clever protest of the Westboro Baptist Church‘s hateful signs. Photo by Mike Burstein.

via Laughing Squid

Subway Dance Party in Toronto

Improv in Toronto, recently staged their 2nd Annual Subway Dance Party. They explain:

Our 2nd Annual Subway Dance Party took place on Saturday, February 21. Around 450 people participated this year, making it atleast 20 times bigger than last years. If you’re unfamiliar with the Subway Dance Party, it’s a very easy concept. Once on the subway, a couple people will begin dancing while listening to music on their mp3 players. At first they get weird looks, and a lot of people laughing at them. Slowly though, more people begin joining in on the dance. Over the next couple stops the dance party gains in size, until the whole subway is in motion, and yet this is all done silently!

New From Joshua Allen Harris: Silverwall

We’ve covered his awesome plastic bag installations in the past, and now it looks like Joshua Allen Harris is experimenting with new materials.

UPDATE: It looks like he took the YouTube video down. Oh well. We’ll post again if a new version goes back up.