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Dumpster Conversions


UK designer Oliver Bishop Young has converted trash dumpsters into a number of awesome things. My favorite is the swimming pool, above. See more.

The Shadow Project



For our friend Katie Sokoler‘s latest project, she put up black shadows around the streets of Brooklyn, and then took well-timed photographs of the results. Check out her blog to see her process along with more photos.

Fake Fast Food Job Applications


Our friend Rob Cockerham recently organized an awesome nation-wide prank where pranksters replaced fast food job application pads with the ridiculous fake pads he made. The funniest part of the prank is definitely the application itself, which Rob did an excellent job writing. Check out his site to see how he pulled it off and to read the hilarious questions he included. The Fast Food Job Application Prank at Cockeyed.

I was one of the dozen volunteers who helped spread the applications to fast food joints across the country. Check out the documentation of my personal conquest.

New York Street Advertising Takeover

artist – Ji Lee

This past Saturday over 120 illegal billboards were white-washed and covered with art in New York City by a team of volunteers and artists. The guerrilla operation was organized by The Public Ad Campaign over the past four months.

Barbara Celis writes:

As the main organizer explained to the artists who choose to get involved, the agency that owns the ‘attacked’ billboards operates on an illegal basis. “NPA outdoor operates over 500 street level billboards in NYC ranging in size from about 4′x4′ to 50′x12′. All of these advertising structures are illegal. I found this out by talking to the NYC Department of Buildings which has no permits for the NPA outdoor structures but has its hands full dealing with the rampant illegal billboard situation. I have also spoken directly with NPA outdoor employees who have told me that the NYPD will jail them from time to time at which point NPA lawyers bail them out and they are compensated 500 dollars for the nuisance of spending the night in jail”.

NPA Outdoor had teams putting their illegal advertising back up early Sunday morning. I personally spotted ads going up over artwork on 8th Avenue and 26th Street at 2 AM. Celis interviewed an artist at the afterparty who said, “Art is about the experience, about living the moment, and what we did was so fucking great for New York that even if they take down our pieces, we have learned that we can do it, and we will do it again. New yorkers had fun today in a very unusual way. It’s priceless!”

More photos:
wooster collective

Lightsaber Battle Tomorrow in NYC

photo by End User

From Newmindspace:

Perhaps our most requested Toronto event in New York, we are pleased to finally be able to bring the Dayglo Lightsaber Battle to New York City! Thanks to the help of the New York University Program Board.

3,000 blacklight-reactive, meter-long cardboard tubes will be distributed in Washington Square’s Teen Plaza, where there will be massive blacklight cannons aimed at the crowd! Wear black, neon or both. The battle will continue until every tube is destroyed!

Saturday, April 25th 2009
Washington Square Park SE corner
8:15 PM – 9:15 PM
Free and all ages!

Dead Pixel in Google Earth


Helmut Smits figured out a way to add a “dead pixel” to Google Earth. He created a 82 x 82cm burned square, the size of one pixel from an altitude of one kilometer.

via bullshit

Dan Witz – In Plain View


Dan Witz recently put up some new work on his site. The new series In Plain View builds off of last year’s Ugly New Buildings series. The above photo features a fake metal grate installed on a random door somewhere in Raleigh, NC.

via wooster

Electric Bird


Not only should you stop, you should fuck off as well.

Spotted on the streets of Manhattan by EssG.

Kissing Shadows



I recently spotted this awesome shadow street art on the side of the Rite Aid on 24th Street at 8th Avenue in New York. It looks even cooler at night. Anyone know who did it?

Plastic Kid


This caught my eye in Union Square a couple of weeks ago. From a distance I thought I might have stumbled onto a Mark Jenkins tape sculpture. He’s in town with a solo show at Stricola. It turned out that the dummy was the work of a group of high school students from the Lyons Community School in Brooklyn. I caught them watching me and went over to investigate. They were doing this Jenkins-inspired project for a class and were there to observe people’s reactions. Cool!