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Spoiler Alert on the NY Subway

Awesome new project from Newmindspace and Jason Eppink!

The Spoiler Alert signs warn waiting riders of this potentially unwanted information — allowing them to avert their eyes so they may preserve their spirit of adventure — while still leaving visible the data for travelers who wish to ruin the surprise for themselves.

Spoiler Alert

Ru Paul for President

Hilarious sign hack from the 2008 election. Spotted in New Hampshire.

Pranking the Westboro Baptist Church in San Francisco

When the notorious Westboro Baptist Church traveled to San Francisco to protest outside of Twitter headquarters, some local pranksters showed up with ridiculously hilarious signs to counter them.

via Laughing Squid

Corduroy Skirts are a Sin

A brilliant counter-protest sign on the campus of Syracuse University.

The creator Chris Pesto writes:

I noticed two adults on campus holding signs that said “Homosexuality is a sin”. First, I would just like to say that I support people with their own opinions. I think that everyone is entitled to their right to think what they want. However, when someone comes on my campus, where I pay tuition to live, I don’t think it’s appropriate to rub such a hateful sign in someone’s face. I decided that because this woman thought it was okay to make me feel uncomfortable in my home, I would retaliate and make her feel just as uncomfortable, if not more.

This woman was wearing a ankle-length corduroy skirt, which, as we all know, is a fashion nono. So, in order to make her feel uncomfortable, I stood next to her and held a sign that said Corduroy skirts are a sin! I don’t think I have ever drawn so much attention in my life. SO many people asked to take a picture with me, I got laughs, high fives and there were the few that even cursed off the woman standing behind me.

As I drew interest to what was going on with myself and the woman with the hateful sign, I started to draw a crowd that stood with me in support. Before I knew it I had 100+ people holding signs for gay rights asking people to honk their horns to support. I was interviewed by a news station, and more than 5 student organization papers, and the post standard of syracuse.

I never expected anybody to come stand by me and support and I appreciate it so much that everyone came! It meant so much and it proved to those ignorant people that we aren’t afraid, and we will put up a fight.

I’m proud that Syracuse has such a homosexual friendly community.

via F Bomb

Ninja Turtle Pizza Party


Anyone else going? Starts at 8:30. It sounds cool but rude.

via Geekologie via Rocketboom (no clue who actually made the sign though)

Down With This Sort Of Thing


Spotted at a London protest. (Perhaps a reference to this TV show sketch.)

Take a Deep Breath and Smile


Some pranksters have hacked the signage in some London tube cars. See Wooster for more photos.

Ant Battle Thurs at 2 PM


Artist d.billy installed this sign in Central Park recently. Be there Thursday at 2 PM with a magnifying glass to check it out! (Though be careful not to melt the participants.)

I Hate Crowds


I’ve seen a few protests of protests, but showing up at a protest to protest crowds is a new one.

via picture is unrelated

Homeless Robot


Anyone know where this is from or who took the photo?

via Julia Segal