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Bronze Fries and Coke


Toronto street artist Posterchild recently created gave the lions outside of the local HSBC branch an order of fries and a coke to enjoy.



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Statue Swing in Warsaw

Artist Kamila Szejnoch installed a swing on an old communist monument in Warsaw, Poland.

Reminds us of the Bus Stop Swing.

Invisible Red via Inspire me, now!

Shadow Play

Awesome site-specific street art in Lithuania that only makes sense at night.

via wooster

The Golden Ass

Street artist Mark Jenkins makes, among other things, awesome human sculptures out of tape and then dresses them and puts them in public places. His latest project is The Golden Ass. In an area of Barcelona packed with “golden statue” type street performers, he constructed a sculpture that looked like a human in a horse costume. Everyone who encountered it assumed it was a performer being incredibly still.

He writes:

“…it’s much easier to make pretend people than to pretend to be a sculpture all day.”